Organizations from the Peoples Official Plan Coalition joined Ottawa ACORN at a rally on December 7th to protest Bill 23 that brought over 200 people to the Provincial Courthouse. This legislation promises to build more homes to tackle the housing crisis, but in fact destroys tenant and environmental protections, and takes critical revenue away from the city.

We heard from the following organizations

  • City councillors Ariel Troster, Sean Devine, Shawn Menard and Theresa Kavanaugh
  • CAWI – Laura Shantz, Civic Engagement Coordinator
  • Horizon – Sam Hersh, Board Member of Horizon
  • Ecology Ottawa – Alice Irene ED Ecology Ottawa
  • Greenspace Alliance – Paul Johanis, Chair  
  • POP Coalition – Angela Keller-Herzog is the executive director of CAFES and will be speaking on behalf of the Peoples Official Plan coalition. 
  • ReImagine Ottawa – Diane McIntyre

The speeches were interspersed with chants, and the rally ended with Chris White playing a song written by Daniel Buckles to the tune of “My Favourite Things” called “Doug Ford’s Favourite Things”.

Ottawa ACORN urged Ottawa residents to contact Premier Ford, Minister Steve Clark & PC MPPs to oppose Bill 23, to submit comments to the government’s public consultations that end on December 9th, and to use ACORN and Ecology Ottawa‘s email zap tools.