We want to help make Ottawa an inclusive, affordable and liveable city for all

Our work

Participating Organizations

POP coalition members include organizations that advocate for better transit, greater walkability and active transportation, greenspace for all, housing equity, climate change mitigation and adaptation, equity and inclusion, and food security. Membership is open to organizations that share these or similar goals and are willing to operate under our shared values, process and governance models.

Member organizations bring initiatives to the coalition when they believe collective action on major elements of the Official Plan is likely to be stronger than what they could do on their own.

The Alliance to End Homelessness Ottawa is a member-driven coalition of people and organizations working together to end homelessness through systems planning and coordination, public education and advocacy, and community-wide mobilization.

In 2020, the Beechwood Market pivoted to become Ottawa’s Online Farmers’ Market, offering our customers the experience of visiting their local market but with the convenience and safety of being online. Since then our market has evolved. We are now part of the Ottawa Street Markets family. We are happy to be back with our onsite market at New Edinburgh Park (a.k.a Stanley Park) at 203 Stanley Avenue. We are also excited to continue running our online market store all year long. We will bring you the best our City has to offer. Hit ‘Shop Now’ and see how it all works.

Bike Ottawa is a not-for-profit volunteer-based advocacy group. We believe choosing to ride a bike in Ottawa should be a safe and easy choice for all ages and abilities. We are committed to advocating for Vision Zero in our City, because we believe no one should be injured or lose their life in our streets.

AC3 is a group of retired senior level  government managers and consultants who collectively have a wide array of experience in natural sciences, climate change, project management, budgeting, legal analysis, policy development and implementation and indigenous rights and issues. 

City for All Women Initiative (CAWI) is a unique collaboration of women from diverse communities, organizations, and academia working with municipal decision makers to create a more inclusive city and advance gender equality.

CAFES is a network of residents and citizens’ associations in the City of Ottawa, established in 2010 and active on unceded Algonquin territory. Members of CAFES are community association environment committee chairs or green point persons in citizens associations. We also have individual members who are citizens active in their communities and concerned with living in ecological balance.

As a bilingu­al and inclusive Council, we work to advance the wellbeing of Ottawa’s older adults. Our vision is respected, informed and engaged older adults living in an Age-Friendly city. Visit their website.

Ecology Ottawa is a not-for-profit, grassroots and volunteer-driven organization composed of tens of thousands of citizens. We know that Ottawa residents are concerned about issues such as climate change, pollution and waste, and that they want sustainable communities where clean energy, air, and water, public transit, active transportation and greenspace protection take priority. We provide residents with the information and tools needed to understand local environmental issues and promote environmental leadership at all levels impacting the City of Ottawa.

The Energy Mix is a community news site and e-digest on climate change, energy, and the shift off carbon. It’s produced by Energy Mix Productions, a non-profit headquartered in Ottawa on unceded Algonquin Anishnaabe territory. The site aims to deliver news, opinion, and analysis to drive faster, deeper carbon cuts by bridging the gap from promises and declarations to action and results. 

The FCA-FAC is the forum for citizens associations and similar non-profit volunteer groups in Ottawa, Canada. Member associations share information about issues facing their communities and, when appropriate, take joint action. The FCA encourages discussion of civic affairs. It does not endorse parties or candidates seeking office. The FCA is an incorporated non-profit corporation under Ontario law and, as such, can appear in its own right before the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal [LPAT].

We are a network of parents, guardians, grandparents, and allies, living on unceded Indigenous territories across the country known as Canada. We are fighting for a better world for our kids and grandkids. Our vision is a green, equitable, and just world where our children and grandchildren grow up safe and healthy. But we know that in order to get there, we need to come together to advocate for it. Visit their website.

The Greenspace Alliance works with community organizations and individuals to preserve and enhance natural areas in the National Capital area, including public and private green spaces, wetlands and waterways. Concerned residents formed the Alliance in October 1997. An important part of our work involves engaging with all levels of government and other stakeholders.

We believe that urban greenness is essential for a community’s quality of life, contributing to our personal, social, economic, cultural and spiritual well-being. It also connects us with the natural and cultural history of our region.

We are a grassroots movement of concerned citizens, organizations and businesses working together to increase healthy transportation policies and necessary infrastructure investments in the National Capital Region. Visit their Facebook page.

Heritage Ottawa is an award-winning, volunteer driven, not-for-profit organization that champions the protection and stewardship of Ottawa’s built heritage and cultural places, celebrating their value in enriching our shared environment.

Just Food is a local, non-profit, community-based organization that works on both rural and urban food and farming issues in Ottawa and the surrounding region.

MD Moms 4 Healthy Recovery is a group of physicians from across Canada who are mothers. We have spent COVID19 working to keep our patients and our communities safe. Though difficult, we have been honoured to be able to serve our fellow citizens. But we do NOT want a future of repetitive health emergencies. COVID19 is a planetary health emergency. It will not be the last. This is the moment to invest fully in a sustainable future for Canada and do everything possible to reduce the frequency and severity of future planetary health emergencies that will be the new normal if climate change is left unchecked.

Ottawa Eco-Talent Network (OETN) is a non-profit organization that mobilizes talent to support community action on environmental sustainability and assists in achieving an environmentally sustainable Ottawa. 

The Ottawa Renewable Energy Co-operative (OREC), incorporated in 2010, has continued to grow as a local, green investment option. We provide residents of Ottawa and Eastern Ontario with the opportunity to invest in nearby renewable energy projects and help bring positive change to the community. With a growing portfolio and membership, the Co-operative continues to expand its horizons every year, while staying true to its grassroots origins.

Ottawa Transit Riders is a non-partisan, membership-based, advocacy group, working to make Ottawa’s transit system more affordable, reliable, accessible, and safe for users. Ottawa Transit Riders believes that a robust transit system is at the heart of the solutions our City Council can implement in response to the climate crisis we are facing.

Creating an inclusive, green, and healthy city by minimizing developer influence in planning decisions. Visit their website.

A city is its people.

Founded by a group of passionate individuals in 2011, Synapcity works to amplify the voices of the people of Ottawa.

We bring people and institutions together and give them the tools to make our city more beautiful, more diverse and more prosperous for all.

At Synapcity, we believe that overcoming our city’s challenges brings it closer to reaching its full potential. When this happens, citizens move closer to reaching their own.

Walkable Ottawa aims to develop concrete solutions and a clear vision to transition Ottawa’s neighbourhoods to more walkable communities. Walkable Ottawa believes that the best solutions are achieved through comprehensive collaboration and conversations enriched by research, projections & 3D modeling. We will lead a “roll up the sleeves” approach to convert good ideas into practical and attainable solutions for our neighbourhoods.

Waste Watch Ottawa supports the zero waste vision set out in the City’s Solid Waste Master Plan. It is committed to improving the City of Ottawa’s waste management practices by working for a green environmentally sustainable city and by supporting the development of new and improved waste reduction and waste diversion programs and initiatives aimed at minimizing the amount of waste being disposed of, enhancing recycling, maximizing organics recovery and avoiding the greenhouse gas impacts associated with waste generation and waste disposal.

Shared values

  • We believe we can achieve more when we are united than we can separately and this solidarity is another fundamental value of the group. 
  • The strength of POP is the sharing of expertise, insight, information and sweat equity among members across all the policy domains they address. This openness and free exchange is a fundamental value of the coalition.    
  • Both of these are founded on building trust in each other and trust in our mission.   

Scope of Work

The current scope of our joint interest concerns the implementation of Ottawa’s new Official Plan. This will be carried out through analysis of the following processes and documents:

  • Transportation Master Plan
  • Comprehensive Zoning By-Law
  • Infrastructure Master Plan
  • Ten Year Housing & Homelessness Plan
  • Greenspace & Urban Forest Master Plan
  • Climate Change Master Plan
  • Solid Waste Master Plan