2020/08/20 (Updated on 2021/08/31)

On September 24, City staff briefed the FCA-GOHBA (Federation of Citizens’ Associations, of which the Greenspace Alliance is a member, and the Greater Ottawa Home Builders Association) stakeholders group  on policy directions expected in the draft Official Plan that will be released in late November 2020.

In an extensive presentation, senior planning staff gave the attendees a first look at the proposed structure of the new Official Plan. New concepts and terminology are being introduced, the most innovative of which may be something called the “transect”.  In early versions of discussion papers last year, this was called context. In a nutshell, it is a way of distinguishing between broad categories of urbanization across the City so that OP policies can be better adapted to context.

Over the last few months, the City has been consulting on the concept of 15 minute neighbourhoods, which they expect to introduce in the new Official Plan. There were stakeholder meetings, meetings with community associations and an online survey that gathered 3500+ responses. Over the next two months, we can expect the City to launch extensive consultations on this new concept, the transect.

The presentation slides can be found here.