Deliver transparent, accountable and evidence-based decision-making

The City intends to report annually on progress in achieving some of its Official Plan goals.

Which topics will be tracked? What metrics (targets and indicators) will be monitored for each topic? We don’t yet know, and need to before the plan is approved. A concise, easily accessible, easy to understand, robust reporting framework is key to knowing whether the plan is performing as intended.

We want the Official Plan to commit to engaging with stakeholders to help set targets and
determine how to measure progress.

We want the City to assign a senior manager responsible for producing a single, integrated, annual ”Vital Signs” Dashboard for selected topics, based on specific targets and indicators.

The People’s Official Plan Technical Report (pp. 5-10) provides a description of twelve topics we believe should be tracked with targets and indicators.
12 Topics That Should Be Tracked:

  • Reconciliation/meaningful
  • Consultation
  • Community/neighbourhood
  • Economic development
  • Community engagement trees & greenspaces
  • Intensification mobility
  • Affordable housing food and agriculture
  • Equity of social outcomes financial sustainabilty
  • Climate (ghg mitigation) climate (resilience/adaptation)

Metric selection criteria

  • Meaningful targets. timely. accurate
  • Reflect values of social equity and quality of life
  • Useful for decision-making & funding allocations
  • Calculable consistently over time
  • Able to show how much progress is being made