The City of Ottawa has put out a survey with general questions on the city budget engagement process. This is an opportunity to call for meaningful engagement and transparency in the budget process. The Peoples Official Plan Coalition has written a letter to Mayor Sutcliffe and City Council with recommendations to make the Budget 2024 process meaningful, transparent, participatory and productive.

We encourage you to fill out the city’s survey to ask for a budget process that Ottawans deserve. Consider sharing our letter in the open box at the end of the survey, either by pasting the link or the contents of the letter.” You can find POP’s letter at and the city survey at 

Consider Tweeting about this to encourage others to do the same! Here are three sample tweets to consider using in a short thread.

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@ottawacity put out a survey on the budget engagement process. Fill it out to call for meaningful engagement & transparency in the budget process! Find the survey here:

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Consider pasting The Peoples Official Plan Coalition’s letter with recommendations for Budget 2024 into the question box @ the end of the survey! You can find POP’s letter here: 

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Let’s call for the budget process Ottawans deserve. One that is meaningful, transparent, participatory and productive.