Peoples Official Plan Coalition

The City of Ottawa’s Official Plan does not go far enough to deal effectively with the climate emergency, the homelessness emergency, housing equity, active transportation, access to greenspace, waste management, walkability, human-scale intensification, food security and other key dimensions of urban life. We work to analyse and shape policy outcomes of the City’s Official Plan and its implementation, with a view to greater economic, social and climate justice, and ethical city planning practice.

Who are we?

We bring urgency and ambition to city hall​

The Peoples Official Plan (POP) is a coalition of organizations focused on bringing greater urgency and ambition on climate and social justice issues to the implementation of Ottawa’s Official Plan.

The Official Plan guides the City of Ottawa’s development. POP analyses and tracks progress and advocates for specific policies and actions that will make Ottawa a more liveable, equitable, and sustainable city.


Motions to improve the City’s Official Plan.


Pages of technical report on the City of Ottawa’s Draft Official Plan.


Participant organizations that advocate on various environmental and social justice issues.

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Contact Ottawa Mayor Mark Sutcliffe or your city councillor:

Our proposals

The way we see it​

Read our one page responses to the City of Ottawa’s Official Plan on how it can actually meet its stated objectives.

Supporting organization

We would like to thank the Ottawa Community Foundation for their generous support.